About Me

Photographed by Vital Agibalow, 2012Hi everyone, my name is Rachel Arianna Weintraub and I am 10 years old..  My mom and dad call me precocious.  I spend my time doing what I love best…performing…acting, singing, dancing, and telling jokes. I have been singing and taking professional lessons since I was 4.  I have also been dancing…tap, ballet, modern jazz, hip hop…since I was 4. I am always the youngest dancer on stage.

I also love to make people laugh. One of my specialties is my scream. Boy is it loud and long! Recently I did a  photo shoot with the photographer from Fashion TV. I had so much fun posing for the camera. He says I have a high fashion future. What does that mean?

I love to read, create stories, discuss things, and play with the friends I have made at school and performing. I really like soccer, swimming, bicycling, tennis, and my two dogs.

I love to be challenged. Welcome to my website!